The Main Causes of Snoring and Their Remedies

Facts are told, at least everyone snores at one time in their life, it is only when it becomes chronic that one has to look for remedies on how to stop or minimize it. Snoring has been known to be a risk factor in relationships where one partner sleeps comfortably snoring, while the partner who doesn’t snore, is kept awake all night, disrupting their quality of sleep and that is why solutions on how to stop snoring immediately have to be sought after to prevent separations and even divorces in marriage.

It is important to note the main causes of snoring before even looking for remedies

Overweight and Out of Shape

Poor muscle tone and fatty tissues can be one of the main causes of snoring when one sleeps. You might necessarily not be overweight, but you might be carrying a lot of fatty tissue around your throat or neck, which flap back and close the airwaves while you are asleep. It is important to make sure that you exercise and lose some of the baggage weight in order to end the snoring.


Your throat becomes narrower when you hit your middle age with the tone muscles of the throat decreasing. Even though there is nothing you can do about your age, there are several lifestyle audits which can help in controlling this cause of snoring; get new bedtime routines and throat exercises before retiring to bed can come in handy.

The Way You Sleep

It is important to make sure that you sleep on the sides instead of your back to prevent the tongue and throat muscles from collapsing and blocking the throat airways thereby causing you to snore.

With the above tips, you will be able to control your snoring immediately, hassle free.

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